Nondenominational Minister Services

A nondenominational minister serves the spiritual needs of the people in her community regardless of a person's religious background, belief, or sexual orientation. If you and your future partner are making plans for your special day and you would like a custom-crafted  ceremony that best expresses your feelings of love for one another, please feel free to call me at (512) 484-9769 or send an email to


If you are a couple who :


  • Aren't currently affiliated with a religious institution
  • Would like a ceremony custom-crafted to resonate with your vision, not a choice of "canned" scripts.
  • Come from different faiths/beliefs and prefer a neutral officiant.
  • Are looking for a deeply spiritual versus "religious" ceremony, yet don't want a justice of the peace.
  • Want the ceremony held in a location other than a church.
  • Want to renew vows.


My Services Include:


  • A preliminary interview form followed by a physical meeting (if you are in the area) to discuss wedding plans and ceremonial needs.
  • Custom-crafted wedding vows written to resonate perfectly with the deep love, friendship and companionship you wish to convey to one another.
  • Deeply meaningful rituals.
  • Complete ceremony consultation, including family members, children and friends.
  • The special needs of those being married the second or third time, including blended families.




As every service is customized, rates range from $250 to $600, dependent on what is required, travel, etc. Rehearsal is an additional $100. Please contact me personally for more information.

Rev. Maggie Duval






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