About Rev. Maggie Duval

Following four years of intense study, Reverend Maggie Duval received her ordination from Silentlight Spiritual Science Center in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, a school dedicated to teaching comparative religions, philosophy, and service to humanity.


She is trained and experienced in the compassionate administration of the Holy Sacraments, with each sacrament personalized to accommodate the needs of the individual, couples, and families she serves.


Rev. Maggie's focus and expertise is in rituals, incorporating much of the Native spiritual training she has been blessed and honored with. She also specializes in prenuptial rituals for men, women, children and families.


Rev. Maggie is also available for baptisms, house blessings, naming ceremonies, funerals, and other rituals honoring life transitions, such as reaching 7 years, puberty, adulthood, and divorce, and the loss of a child or loved one.


For more information, please phone Rev. Maggie at (512) 484-9769 or email revmags@nondenominationalweddings.com.

Rev. Maggie Duval






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